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Can you help with financing on my Wacker Neuson Light and Compact Equipment?

Yes, we can! Financing is available through Wacker Neuson Finacial Services. We can help you get same-day, low-rate financing, available on conditinal sales contracts, capital leases, and short- and long-term residual leases. The credit approval process typically takes under a day. You can download the application form here.

Who will do all the servicing and repairs on my Wacker Neuson equipment?

CC Equipment is an authorized Wacker Neuson Warranty and Service Center and performs all repairs, mainenance, and service using only genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Can you deliver my equipment?

Yes, we can deliver to sites across Metro Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and southern British Columbia from Whistler to Hope.

What kind of excavators do you sell and what are their advantages?

We offer the full Wacker Neuson range, from 1-ton excavators to 14-ton excavators, in both zero-turn and conventional tail models. There are many reasons to choose a Wacker Neuson excavator, but application efficiency is at the top of the list. Our full line of machines is designed to provide the power, maneuverability, stability, and precision that enable you to get more done with less time and effort. In addition to best-in-class performance, Wacker Neuson offers reliability that reduces downtime and lowers fuel consumption for greater economic advantages on the job site. From road and bridge construction to the varied tasks on the uneven terrain of a building site to renovation of interior spaces, Wacker Neuson excavators give you the functionality you need to manage any situation. The balance of power and thoughtfully designed features, including a small emission-free model that allows for work in enclosed areas, gives you the opportunity to expand the possibilities of the work you do. The right excavator is nothing without attachments that give you the flexibility to take on a variety of applications. This includes breakers and Rototilt® that go beyond the bucket. Our contracted dealer network offers both our extensive line of excavators and attachments, as well as the parts, service and training to make it all work for you. Featuring the industry’s only 5-year warranty, Wacker Neuson’s excavators are rugged and reliable, offering best-in-class breakout force for the toughest conditions. We’ve also incorporated technology for deeper digging along vertical walls and optimal bucket rotation for better material handling. These performance-ready machines are designed with comfortable cabs and simple, intuitive operation. Whether you’re working with dirt, stone or anything in between, Wacker Neuson has your excavation needs covered.

Who are Wacker Neuson and what do they do?

Wacker Neuson is a leading global manufacturer of high quality construction equipment and compact construction machines. The range of services is aimed at professional end users in the construction, gardening and landscaping architecture, and agricultural industries, as well as local authorities and companies in industry, such as the recycling industry. We are extremely proud to serve industries that still do “real work.” From construction and agriculture through gardening and landscaping to municipal services and industries such as recycling, our target markets are defined by hard work, endurance and a team spirit. This is a world where people have to get their hands dirty – in the truest sense of the word – to get the job done. Mirroring this spirit of hard work, enthusiasm and dedication, the Wacker Neuson Group develops high-quality products and services that provide our customers with real added value. We too are ready to roll up our sleeves, anytime, anywhere – also through an extensive range of services that complements our portfolio to make life easier for our customers. We are guided by a clear set of values; namely innovation, quality, performance and character. Plus we are a company with a long-standing tradition – a proven track record that our partners, customers and employees know they can rely on.

What are the advantages of Wacker Neuson skid steers and compact track loaders?

Wacker Neuson offers wheeled and track models to handle every job. Different jobs call for different needs from your machine. We offer various lift arm configurations that meet those demands. With an industry leading 11' 2" bucket pin height on the vertical configurations and 10' 5" bucket pin height on the radial configurations, loading and unloading, even the most difficult materials into different truck types, becomes an easy everyday task. Wacker Neuson engineers have worked closely with operators to design skid steer and compact track loaders for the North American market. This line of Wacker Neuson equipment is built, tested, and proven to stand up to the most rugged conditions. Look no further than Wacker Neuson for equipment engineered to deliver high performance, durability and comfort. When was the last time “compact” and “comfortable” were used to describe a skid steer? When Wacker Neuson designed their cab, they did so with one thing in mind: the operator. The design process considers the moment the operator enters the space, accounts for all user movements and positions during operation, and continues through operator exit. The result is a spacious cab with ergonomically designed user interfaces and seating, and all controls located in front of the operator. All models come with ROPS structure. Operators will quickly notice the integrated comfort of the ergonomic air-ride seat (optional), highly-efficient automotive style HVAC system, and AM/FM radio (optional) with dual speakers to help increase user efficiency and minimizes operator fatigue.

Why should I use a Wacker Neuson for my landscaping project?

The range and versatility of Wacker Neuson material handling and general construction equipment means we can offer a solution for any landscaping job — whether you need a small pump and rammer or a wheel loader and a dumper. A variety of easy-to-use attachments gives you even more options to get the most out of your investment. Landscape Construction: Trust Wacker Neuson for equipment designed to increase efficiency, saving you time and money and helping you get more landscape projects completed every day.
Grounds Maintenance: Wacker Neuson offers compact equipment to complete any task, from wheel loaders to skid steers and telehandlers. And all come with our universal attachment plate, which gives you unprecedented versatility because it works with a wide array of tools, including those you already have in your fleet. Get the most from your investment with this valuable flexibility. Specialized Use: Equipment that delivers stability, versatility and comfort, so you can be more productive when working on cemetery and golf course applications, or performing snow removal. Maneuver through a job site without disturbing the ground or removing objects in the area. A full lineup of tools for all the ways landscapers work. We can provide all the equipment a landscape professional needs, from pumps to rammers, rollers and compactors. Wacker Neuson's wide range of light equipment, along with our service and warranty coverage, represents durable value that performs in any number of landscape applications. Smarter design helps maximize productivity. Wacker Neuson machines offer versatility that can help you in countless grounds maintenance applications, including turf installation and nursery work. And you get even more from your machine with the unmatched simplicity of our universal attachment plate. Whatever your landscaping specialty, Wacker Neuson has the equipment to do the job. All-wheel Steer Loaders: Lift heavier payloads with greater stability, while keeping an eye on the terrain from a higher 360-degree-view cockpit. Snow removal: With our universal attachment plate, a wide range of Wacker Neuson equipment offers valuable versatility during winter. Easily connect an attachment to maintain productivity. Articulated Wheel Loaders: With models narrow enough for sidewalks, these machines offer an infinitely adjustable steering column and panoramic visibility. The standard universal attachment plate accepts a wide variety of tools landscapers rely on. Compaction: Wacker Neuson offers a broad range of vibratory plates, rammers, and rollers designed for optimum compaction of soil, sand and gravel.

What kind of equipment is most suitable for my agri-businesses?

Agri-business operations face some of the toughest challenges in material handling, including a non-stop environment, demanding deadlines, and more. Tight spaces and variable terrain add further complexity to moving different types of material. With the right machine for the right job, you can load more, move it faster, place it anywhere — and save money. Of course you know about the big field machines and that they’re not the right fit for many important jobs. That’s where Wacker Neuson material handling equipment delivers value for the agri-business market.

  • Efficiency: Getting the turning radius, reach, power and fuel efficiency you need means selecting the right machine. We’ll help you choose the model that gives you more capability at a lower operating cost.
  • Return on Investment: Our machines and complementary attachments are engineered to do more, do it better and last longer.

Do you offer extended warranty plans and preventive maintenance plans?

Yes, we do, and the benefits are impressive. We offer multiple coverage options, all with Day 1 protection, valid throughout the U.S. and Canada. Extended warranty plans provide peace of mind, risk management, and decreased costs. ESPPs are transferable, and will help to increase the resale value of your equipment. What is ESPP? ESPP is a purchased Extended Service Protection Plan that provides coverage against defects in OEM materials and/ or workmanship after the standard base warranty has expired. Speak with us for program details, equipment eligibility and a list of the exact components covered. WHY ESPP? The Wacker Neuson ESPP can help to minimize the unforeseen costs from equipment repairs. For a minimal investment, often less than the cost of one repair, you can protect the machine’s major components. For this reason, ESPP provides peace of mind, risk management, and decreased costs. New Equipment Coverage for equipment that is still within the standard base warranty.

  • Up to 60 total months of coverage, including the standard base warranty
  • Up to 5,000 total engine hours
  • Coverage options:
    • Powertrain
    • Powertrain + Hydraulics - Premier
  • Available for purchase during the standard base warranty
Used Equipment Coverage for equipment beyond the base warranty period that is less than seven years old with less than 5,000 hours.
  • Provides Day 1 coverage
  • Up to 36 additional months of coverage
  • Up to 2,000 additional engine hours of coverage
  • Coverage options:
    • Powertrain
    • Powertrain + Hydraulics
  • Available for purchase at the time of the retail sale

What are the advantages of Wacker Neuson machines for my concrete work?

Contractors know finished concrete depends on quality processes. So do we. Wacker Neuson has earned the respect of concrete professionals from prep to pour, form to finish with internal and external vibrators, wet screeds and trowels that deliver success on any job, no matter how big or small. Our equipment helped build the Hoover Dam Bypass, restore the Lincoln Memorial and expand the Panama Canal. And it will come through for you, no matter what’s required.

  • Commercial/Industrial Flatwork: Wacker Neuson machines deliver the torque, speed and added features that take results from good to exceptional—which leads to more winning bids.
  • Commercial/Industrial Vertical Contractors: Save time and money with our easy-to-use equipment. It’s comfortable to operate, versatile and maintains high performance job after job.
  • Residential Contractors: Designed for the unique demands of driveways, garages and basements, Wacker Neuson equipment offers versatility and reliability.
Get better results from equipment designed to boost your performance—without requiring you to change techniques. Wacker Neuson machines are easy to use, easy to move, durable and precise, which leads to consistently flatter floors—and more winning bids. Intuitive control: A unique two-joystick electro-hydraulic steering concept on riding trowels allows for precise maneuvers and nearly fatigue-free operation. Versatility: Portable gasoline vibrators with a comfortable backpack provide high-impact, high-frequency concrete vibration. Ergonomic design: Dynamic balancing gives the user nearly effortless operation and maximum trowel control at all speeds with all blades, including float pans. Intuitive control: A unique two-joystick electro-hydraulic steering concept on riding trowels allows for precise maneuvers and nearly fatigue-free operation. Built-In Hydraulic Wheel Kit: Move our CRT60 ride-on trowel off the slab with ease—just raise it onto the wheels and push. This exclusive feature also makes it simple to change blades and remove pan floats. Increased horsepower: We design, engineer and build our ride-on trowels, so you get the torque and speed required on big industrial floors. Easier to pan: The variable-speed clutch on select walk-behind trowels makes it easier to pan, and the unique position of the engine balances the machine, greatly reducing forces felt by the finisher. Work efficiently: Walk-behind trowels are designed to reduce operator fatigue, allowing for increased productivity.

What makes Wacker Neuson wheel loaders so attractive?

With a Wacker Neuson wheel loader, you can load more, move it faster, and place it anywhere. All-wheel steer, articulated, and telescopic wheel loaders have the power, performance and operator comfort to tackle any job and quickly and precisely manage all types of loads. All models come with a hydraulically operated universal attachment plate allowing you to go beyond the bucket. Quickly change any of your current or new attachments, making wheel loaders the perfect year-round job site solution. Operators will quickly notice the integrated comfort of the ergonomic air-ride seat (optional), highly-efficient automotive style HVAC system, and AM/FM radio (optional) with dual speakers to help increase user efficiency and minimizes operator fatigue. All-wheel steer —One-piece chassis and fixed center of gravity allow for constant payloads and increased stability. Articulated — The articulated joint makes these units highly maneuverable, especially in tight working conditions. Telescopic — Achieve additional reach for stacking and dumping with a telescopic boom. Available in articulated and all-wheel steer versions.


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